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BJJ Is Perfect For Any Situation

The skills we teach in our BJJ classes at Mon Valley BJJ aren't limited to just competition. Because this discipline centers on ground fighting strategies and because most real world confrontations end up on the ground, you can learn how to protect yourself today against any attack or real world threat.

Our BJJ instruction includes adaptation for any skill level and incorporates basic Judo to provide a complete self-defense system for men and women of all ages. 

And the best part is: BJJ training teaches smaller, weaker fighters how to overcome a larger opponent, so no situation will ever leave you at a disadvantage. 

Enjoy benefits like:

  • Practical strength from repeated sparring instruction

  • Flexibility and coordination in all of your body movements

  • Explosive techniques that leave an opponent no time to react

  • Lose weight

  • Meet new friends and have fun

Contact Us For Two Free Classes 

301 Fallowfield Avenue

Charleroi, PA 15022


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